Prophetic Word: Alliances 1/29/18

We are coming into a season of alliances where the Lord is going to be calling people, churches, Christian businesses, and even denominations to form alliances so that his purposes can be accelerated in manifestation. Now is not the time to continue to go it alone, for only in holy partnership will you be able […]

The Bigger Story 08/14/2017

This is a follow up word to the one I gave last week, almost a twin word. God spoke to me really clearly this morning (08/14/2017), especially in light of the tragic things that happened over the last few days in Virginia. Again, and again what we are seeing constantly manifested before us on the […]

3/7/17 The Perez Blessing- Reiteration and further Explanation of the Perez Blessing

In Ruth chapter 4 when Boaz made the transaction to redeem Naomi and Ruth and all that belonged to Naomi, the elders and the council around them spoke three blessings over the household of Boaz. The third and final blessing is found in verse 12 The third blessing is at their house would be like […]

Holy Reflux 9/13/16

The Lord spoke to me and said that we were coming in to a “reflux” anointing. Look below at the Webster’s dictionary meaning of the word reflux. Reflux (rē′flŭks′) n. 1. A flowing back; ebb. It comes from an ancient word which means to “re-flow.” Throughout the history of the church there have been different […]