Update on word given 2/26/13

Beware America!!

The continual, open squabbling of our leaders in Washington, before the world, has so weakened us in their eyes that other Alpha Predators and Scavenger Predators are going to start testing Americas strength, resolve, and ability to protect itself, and those America has been historically committed to protect. This will involve many places, but could especially affect Israel. I saw this so clearly in the spirit this morning during worship.

This is a word I gave more than a year ago. As a prophetic person I try not to be driven by patriotism, but instead just give the word that I’ve gotten. I had a powerful prophetic dream about three days ago concerning Vladimir Putin. In the dream everyone was just following him around, and were looking for his favor, and permission. You could tell that many were thinking “why are we being led about by him, and when did he get so much power.” Every time I woke up and went back to sleep, the dream just just picked up where it left off when I woke up. When I woke up for good I asked The Lord, knowing that it was a prophetic dream, how Putin got so much influence. He said, “because you’ve given it to him.” Just as our President feels destiny has called him to change forever what America looks like, Putin feels compelled by destiny to alter the history of Russia, restoring it to his perspective of glory. Bears don’t like to feel inferior, and he is restoring the self image of the Bear. That is his purpose. He has watched Americas lack of resolve to confront the Scavenger Nations (Iran, etc.), therefore the Bear is on the move. The Lord said this will only be for a season, but much heartbreak can happen in a season when The Bear becomes the alpha animal, without challenge. He has not stopped roaring. This can be stopped though. I sensed The Lord speaking that clearly, but He said “WILL it be.” This not not about politics or about geography, but about humanity. This, for me, isn’t about Americanism, or American pride. I was surprised by the dream. This is about stewarding the purposes of God, when it’s in your power to do so. The Spirit of Hadrian sadly is prevailing.

Suddenlies 4/23/14

Occasionally we move into a “Suddenlies” time in the purposes of God. We have moved into such a season. Expect to see things happen in a “flash.” Things you’ve prayed for with perseverance, and have possibly grown passive about in the waiting, will suddenly reappear and come to pass. Promises you’ve been in labor pains with for years. Longstanding prophetic promises placed on “Fast Track,” suddenly. There will even be sudden attacks that God will use to Fast Track His purposes, so do not fear. Some of these “Suddenlies,” will come almost immediately when the promise was given, as though without any labor pains at all. There will be sudden shifts, and changes, both on the world scene, in the natural, and in your personal lives. There will be sudden opportunities, sudden growth, sudden relational shifts, sudden subtractions, sudden additions, sudden anointings, sudden increase in various areas, sudden victories, sudden freedom, sudden realignments, sudden insights, sudden breakthroughs, sudden outpourings, etc. Again, Don’t Fear, but Hold on!! It’s going to be quite a ride. Dancing with a LION is always an adventure:)

The Deep End 4/16/14

Last week The Lord spoke so clearly to me that “This Revival Is Going To Happen In The Deep End.” No more playing in the Wade Pool. There will be more signs and wonders in this move of God than we’ve ever seen on earth. It will far surpass the Book Of Acts. Many years ago The Lord told me that it would be Acts Part 2 and that the sequel would have no equal, but the great emphasis of this Revival will not be signs and wonders; instead it will be the Habitation of His Manifest Presence on people, and places. Plunging deep into His presence and emerging in Christlikeness will mark this move. Of course miracles are a part of Christlikeness on display, and we will see more than we’ve ever imagined (the greater works Jesus promised), but we will not love His hand more than His face this time. Maturity and holiness will dominate. Loving Him and His presence will be the theme. With a greater apprehension of His presence will come a greater participation in His power. The Lord has said that if we want to go farther in all of His supernatural works, then we have to go deeper in abiding in His presence. No more Baby Pool stuff. This is a Revival of Relationship. The depth of that relationship will determine the width of supernatural ministry. This Revival is going to HAPPEN IN THE DEEP END.

Beware Philadelphia 4/11/14

Philadelphia is very vulnerable right now. Be on the alert!!! Intercede

The Neverlands 4/3/14

The Lord has really put The Netherlands on my heart. They are so destitute spiritually, and the demonic powers are saying “This is a Neverlands; the gospel; The Holy Spirit will Never be welcome here again.” God is going to send a revival to Holland. He is even now preparing its spiritual soil for life to spring forth. They were the first country to embrace Euthanasia. Out if this culture of death life is going to spring forth. The Holy Spirit is putting on the heart of young crucified lovers to go in the power of anointed love sickness, to birth revival in The Netherlands. We will see the sprouts of national life manifested in the next 3-5 years. Great sounds of worship, even new sounds will spring forth from there. In this place of death, the raising of the dead will be a worldwide testimony. Faith laid down intercessors have won the day.”

Iran 3/2/14

Yesterday was a strong prophetic day. Got a real sense that Iran is going to be in the news a lot. New developments; not just old stories. Stronger demonic activity going on there behind the scene, in the spiritual gates, than normal.

England 4/2/14

ENGLAND 4/2/14

England has been on my heart for a long time, especially London. England and especially London have a very significant place in our times. England is both a target for the powers of darkness and for the spirit of the Lord. I believe that all of England is particularly vulnerable to terrorist attacks. I also believe that the lord has shown me that there are constant plans being conceived by extremists to carryout violent attacks on different places in England and especially London. It is important that we pray for their protection.

I also believe that England still has a very special place in the heart of God. For several centuries England was a launching pad for missionaries taking the gospel all over the world. Because of that, England has still not used up all the favor of God that has been stored up in the heart of God for their obedience to Christ to share the gospel all over the world. I believe that the holy spirit has put on the heart of many Christians around the world, Prophets, other Christian leaders, and lay people, to pray for England that there would be a revival that would come to that country. I also believe that many leaders from America and other parts of the world that have heard the Lords call and burden and Franklin are now going to England, sharing the vision for revival stirring up the hearts the people cry out for more the holy spirit. I also believe that some level England’s spirituality is connected to America’s spiritual future. I believe that it’s possible but the great move of God to we are longing for and waiting for here in America will first start inEngland then come here. There is this parental connection. Many people who have gone to England in recent months tell of early signs of the move of God. It is vital, that we therefore pray for England’s safety and for the move of God to break forth in the streets of England and especially in the streets of London.

A Wicked Turn 4/2/14

On Monday Night March 31st I suddenly got a word from The Lord. “A wicked turn of events is coming.” I believe this is corruption in the political arena. I don’t know if this is moral corruption, or some other kind. God is going to expose it, and it will be used to accomplish His redemptive purposes in His Church as He imparts desperation.

A Shaking 4/2/14

Yesterday I heard the Holy Spirit say “increase in volcanoes and earthquakes.” There could also be renewed Tsunami scares. Last evening an 8.2 earthquake happened just off the coast of Chili.
We are in a time of governmental shaking, and geo-political shaking. Even in the Body of Christ there are governmental realignments taking place, that are necessary for God’s purposes. Fear not. Be of good cheer. He Reigns. The shaking in the natural is just God’s shout, to open our eyes to the shaking things out, and into place, in The spirit realm.

3/24/14 Update on a word that I restated 1 1/2 years ago about Russia


For over a year now I keep getting these words about Russia exerting itself. This has happened to some degree, but I believe it is the prayers of the saints that have restrained the Bear. I feel really strong that this is still an active word. Pray that God continues to restrain the Bear. Her intentions are not holy.

Another Fire and Ice example 2/14/14

This past Sunday January 12th I gave a word about Fire and Ice. He said we are coming into a Fire and Ice time during 2014. Fire representing the activity of The Holy Spirit, and Ice representing hardened cold hearts toward the things of God. An Isaiah 60 time when the light will get demonstratively brighter and the darkness demonstratively darker. A lot of good stuff and a lot of bad stuff. The good will be so good though, that it will be a time of great rejoicing within the hearts of His people. 13 is the number for “Double Portion,” so 14 is beyond the Double. So many pray for the Double of the Book of Acts, but God wants to take us way beyond the Book of Acts; way beyond the Double. Yet in this time of Holy Fire there will be lots of Ice. This will be reflected in the Natural as prophetic things often are. There will be lots of Cold (Icy things) and lots of fire. I noticed today the wildfires being reported in California. The Lord said on Sunday that the Fire and Ice will continue. I expect to even see fire on Iceland. It’s a great time to be a Christian on Earth, but it could also be a little frightening if God wasn’t reigning, and if He didn’t give us prophetic heads up so we have insight as to what is happening. It’s certainly isn’t going to be boring.


‘Craziest snow photo I’ve ever seen’: Fire and ice on NC road leads to surreal scene
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A Time To Bring Forth 2/13/14

Eccl. 3:1 ¶ There is an appointed time for everything. And there is a time for every event under heaven —
Eccl. 3:2 A time to give birth and a time to die;
A time to plant and a time to uproot what is planted.

The word “birth” here can also be translated “to bring forth.” The Lord spoke clearly to me this morning that we are in an APPOINTED time to bring forth dreams that We’ve been carrying for years. Many were impregnated in the womb of their spiritual ears by the word of God years ago, and and it is now time for those things to come forth. Dreams that you’ve carried for years, and the delay has caused some of those dreams to be almost forgotten, have awakened, and have come alive again. Well, The Holy Spirit has awakened them because He has appointed this to be the fullness of times. The Lord says to “Watch me as the long awaited living thing that I placed in you comes too pass.” For some, it has even felt like everything has been going in the opposite direction from your dream coming true, but everything has suddenly turned into the birthing position. “Shall I bring to the point of birth, and not give delivery?” says The Lord. “Or shall I who gives delivery shut the womb?” says your God. God operates on a different time than we do. He operates on “the fullness of time” clock. We are at that appointed time.
Also, some things are coming to pass without any gestation at all. “Before her travail, she brought forth; before her pain came, she gave birth..” It’s as if God suddenly spoke something new into your Spirit and is almost instantly bringing it to pass. This new thing once implanted, is something you realized was the desire of your heart, though you didn’t know how to voice it. God recognized those unspoken desire and is impregnating and birthing in a moment. Don’t be shocked or hesitant at what He is doing. It is simply Heavens Appointed time to BRING FORTH.