One Thing 9/1/14

Song 1:15 ¶ “How beautiful you are, my darling,

How beautiful you are!

Your eyes are like doves.”

Song 1:16 ¶ “How handsome you are, my beloved,

And so pleasant!

Indeed, our couch is luxuriant!

Song 2:1 ¶ “I am the rose of Sharon,

The lily of the valleys.”

Song 2:2 ¶ “Like a lily among the thorns,

So is my darling among the maidens.”

Song 2:3 ¶ “Like an apple tree among the trees of the forest,

So is my beloved among the young men.

In his shade I took great delight and sat down,

And his fruit was sweet to my taste.

As a result of her growing confident in His love, she declares in verse one and two of chapter 2 that she is His favorite. It almost seems like an arrogant and bold statement when she says” I am the rose of Sharon, the Lily of the Valley.” The reality is, that as Christ convinces us that He delights in loving us, and enjoys us even in our imperfections, we begin to get healed of all the self rejection, and shame that everyone of us deal with as a result of the Fall.  These aren’t words of arrogance, they are the result of God’s love being perfected us, and fear being cast out. As I said before, as the lovesick Jesus continually pours out his love on us, and we begin to grow confident in that love, Lovesickness begins to emerge from within us back toward Him. Listen to what He says in verse two in response to her bold statement. He says, “like a lily among the thorns, so is my Love among the maidens.”  It’s important to Him that we know He delights in loving us. He doesn’t rebuke her; He affirms her. He is saying to her,  “It is true; you are my favorite.” Isn’t it interesting that He doesn’t call her forth into holiness and maturity by condemning her or threatening her. It is always His grace that draws us toward Christ likeness. Look at her praise, and notice her emerging set- apart heart expressed again in the first part of verse three. She says,” like an apple tree among the trees in the forest, so is my Beloved among the sons of men.” It sounds a lot like Psalm 45 that says that a heart that is overflowing with love toward God has a theme, and that theme is, “Thou art fairer than the sons of men.”

China’s Time has come 8/26/14

I got this word Thursday night Aug. 21st. Since then there has been almost daily news concerning China blustering acts of disrespect toward America and it’s military. There will be more aggressive actions on their part in their region of the world.
Because America has allowed the small predator nations to humiliate her, The large predator Nations have arrised. First there has been Russia next China will come. The two bears, the brown bear (Russia) and the panda (China) are coming forth emboldened. Within the last year I gave a word about the small predator nations challenging America, and because of America’s inaction the larger predators would emerge. If you search the prophetic words on the website can find words concerning Russia and China. Russia has been released, and now it is China’s time.

A lamenting is emerging 7/9/14

Beginning last night I have had a smoldering sadness in my heart.  I don’t necessarily hear weeping, but I feel weeping in my soul. I believe something deeply sad is emerging on the earth. Usually when I feel something like this it involves children also. I have no clarity as to what this is all about, but I believe it is a call to Intercessors to go to war. Remember, that God often reveals the second heaven plans of the enemy to His prophets so they can get the word out to the Intercessors. In a unique way, Intercessors are invited to be co-laborers with  Him in shaping the details of human history. I’ve thought that this could have something to do with the conflict that is arising in Israel, but I can’t say that I’m certain about that.

TIMUR 6/19/14

Also, Timur was a Turko-Mongol 14th century leader who conquered West, South, and Central Asia. His conquest included Middle Eastern armies of Syria and Egypt. He referred to himself as the Sword of Islam. His armies were feared throughout Asia, Europe, and Africa. He was the most power Muslim ruler in the world. Timur’s armies killed over 17 million people, which at the time was 5% of the worlds population. I believe the spirit of Timur has been released in the Muslim world. I believe there is someone rising up who will, if not stopped, make Osama Bin Laden look like child’s play. I believe this person and this movement is already on the move. The name over him is Terror, not Terrorist. He has hidden motives that transcends just religious zeal. I believe this is the group that has been released in Iraq. Pray that The Lord’s hand will stretch out and stop this movement in its early stages. If not stopped, this group could quickly become Israel’s biggest threat by far.

For Intercessors 6/19/14 TIMOR

All morning I’ve had the word Timor or Timur strongly echoing in my heart and mind. The word Timor is a derivative of the word Timur. Timor is an Island in Southeast Asia, just above Australia. The Island is divided between West Timor, and East Timor. East Timor is an independent sovereign nation, and West Timor is part of Indonesia. I’m not sure what The Holy Spirit is saying, but I have such a strong sense of something that I’m asking for your prayers. As you know Indonesia is the largest Muslim country in the world, yet West Timor is 90% Christian as is East Timor. It is mostly Roman Catholic, outnumbering Protestants 3/1.

Cave Dwellers Called Forth 6/17/14

A couple of days ago I had this panoramic open vision. I saw this large wide mountain, and an almost endless Valley down below. Stretching across the mountain, near the top, were series of caves that were situated side-by-side. All you could see of the caves were the mouths, and you could tell they were the mouths of the caves because they looked like dark holes. In front of many of the caves there were people standing out in front of them looking out over the valley. It was as if they were standing in a side-by-side spaced line, as they looked out over the valley. As they looked down over the Valley each one of these people seemed to be influencing what was going on in the Valley in some dramatic way. It became clear that they were influencing the Valley with kingdom realities, and it was also clear that each one of them had their own sphere of influence. I then noticed that even though the people were spaced row, as they look down over the valley, there were some spaces that were bigger, as if there were gaps. Then I noticed that everyplace there was a gap behind that gap was the mouth of a cave where someone was crouching down and looking out of the darkness towards what was happening on the outside. I heard them saying to themselves as if murmuring these words; “can I, should I, could I.” The next thing I noticed is that they had a little treasure box by their feet. I realized, that the treasure boxes contained all the giftings, and anointing’s that God had given to each one of them to impact their own sphere of influence down in the valley. They had things to give to the world down in the valley that could impact the valley for the kingdom that nobody else had, but fear, and guilt, and insecurity ,and a sense of unworthiness, had kept them chained to their little cave. Just behind each one was a chain attached to a stake in the ground and to their leg, that kept them imprisoned. But as I looked at it, it was a transparent chain that they could see, but really nobody else could. It was an invisible chain yet it had a golden color to it. What I realized, was that there was no chain at all; only they could see it, but it had been very costly to them. It had cost them their calling, and their influence,and their destiny in this fallen world. The next thing that I saw, was Jesus standing outside the caves, between the caves and those outside looking out over the valley. He was moving back and forth in front of the caves, encouraging those people that were stuck to come out and to fill in the gaps. He was telling them that he believed in them, and trusted them. He was telling them that he had given them treasures nobody else had, and they could influence the world down in the Valley in ways that nobody else ever could, or ever would be able to. He was telling them how important they were to those who lived in the Valley. As the people in the caves heard His voice, they looked behind them and saw all those golden chains disappear, realizing that they never were real chains, but only in their minds. They were realizing that they had been deceived all along. As the chains disappeared under the influence of the words of Jesus, they came out, and took their places filling in the gaps. As they did, celebrations broke out down the valley. You could hear the sound of stationary combines engines beginning to start up, as harvest time came. It was no longer a sickle harvest, but now that the gaps are filled in, it was a combine harvest.

There are many people in the body of Christ who are so paralyzed by fear and insecurity that they never come out of their little caves and bring their part to the great revival and harvest. What they don’t realize is that they have treasures to give that no one else has.They really do matter! Without those treasures they have the revival and the harvest can’t take place, but we are coming into a time where those little cave dwellers are coming out of their caves; bringing their part; fulfilling their destiny. Jesus is calling them out, and they are beginning to come out in droves. Some of the most gifted Saints are going to be coming out of seemingly nowhere. We are going to see people coming out of obscurity. People who had seemed to be little mice becoming roaring lions. The weak ones becoming strong in Him. So often leaders give up on people, but the lion of Judah never does. The least likely will become the most effective. We are moving into an Isaiah 33:23 time, “The lame will take the plunder.”

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The Fourth Wave 6/9/14

For the last three or four days I’ve had this open vision of wavy lines. They were stacked on top of each other. There was the one at the bottom; one just above it; one above that; and finally one on top. There was a small space between each wavy line. Each line had wind coming from it, but the top line had the strongest wind. The Lord said that the top line is the Tsunami Wave. waves build up over time, and the third wave has come and gone. We Are now coming to the beginning of the fourth wave. The Star of David was a small star, and a small change in the constellations, but perceptive seers could see its appearance. The fourth wave is like that. Prophets and seers all over the world are perceiving the very early stages of a building wave. What is the time frame for all of this? I don’t know, but the Wave is perceivable.

The Dance Hall 6/9/14

While worshiping two Sundays ago the Lord gave me an amazing vision. A large number of people were sitting in a huge banqueting hall and were having a meal together. Suddenly I saw Jesus and he was standing, pointing at a door. The door was actually open, and behind that door I could see there were two other doors, and both of those doors were open. Above the doors there was a name above each as if it was indicating what room you are entering into. The way that Jesus was pointing at the doors clearly indicated an invitation to go through them into each room. Above the first door was the name REPENTANCE. Above the second door was the name HEALING, and finally above the third door, the last door, were the two words DANCE HALL. I could see into the dance hall, and what I noticed was people dancing with the Holy Spirit. Galatians 3:5 says that God continually provides us with the Holy Spirit. The Greek word “provide” comes from three different words; to bring, to dance, and upon. It literally means that God continually brings the Holy Spirit to dance upon our lives. The only condition, according to Galatians 3:5, is to walk in faith. It seemed very clear though, according to the vision, that at some point you have to get up out of your chair in the banqueting hall and go through the door of repentance and the door of healing before you can get into the dance hall with the Holy Spirit. I believe there we are coming into the season where God is saying it is time for people to stop feeding and to start dancing. This is especially true in the Western church. The Western church is historically famous in heaven for being a church that loves to feed on the word. Westerners love knowledge, and crave insight and information. There comes a time though, when we have to move past information and insight, and start dancing with the Holy Spirit. It’s time to stop reading about Christ likeness, and start manifesting it. It is not that Bible study is wrong, it’s just that Bible study, and insight into the ways of God, are meant to lead us into actual experience of the presence and power the Holy Spirit. We’ve become like those who are forever gaining knowledge of the truth, while denying the power of the truth. The Holy Spirit is longing to dance on our lives so that we can give a valid expression and re-presentation of the risen Lord Jesus. We are in a time when Jesus is inviting people to rise up out of their feeding chair and to go to the door of real repentance. You can’t get to the room of healing without first going through the room of repentance. Repentance is the place of owning your stuff in light of his unconditional love and mercy. It prepares our hearts and softens our conscience so that we can experience healing, so that we are released to walk in faith in the dance hall. The Lord said it’s time to ask him to take out his lantern and to search the dark corners of our heart  so that we can experience healing and freedom. In the vision all the doors were open, at least halfway open, so that we could see all the way into the dance hall, so all could see the signs and wonders of the joy of dancing with the Holy Spirit. Many people around the world and especially in the West are beginning to catch a vision of what it could be like to have the Holy Spirit dance upon their lives. And he’s given us a glimpse of that so that we would long for the whole experience. We can hear the sounds; we can see the sites, and we get small glimpses of a life that looks like the life that Jesus lived. What seemed very clear though in the vision, is that there were no shortcuts. You have to go through the doors of repentance and healing first. We are rapidly moving towards a place where the whole world will become a dance hall for the bride of Christ and the Holy Spirit. I don’t mean by that the whole world will become light; Isaiah 60 makes it very clear that as we move toward the end the darkness will get darker while the light  will get lighter. What I do mean, is that throughout the world the church will be dancing with the Holy Spirit in miraculous Christlike holiness, and the signs and wonders ministry of Jesus. Jesus said from The Cross “It is finished.” That phrase is written in such a way that it means it was completely finished in the past with continual present tense results. The Holy Spirit is saying go through the door of repentance and complete it; “finish it” up to date, and then “finish” the healing of your inner man so that you can leave those broken nets behind and enter THE DANCE. LIFE WITHOUT NETS IS AWESOME.

God is Reopening The Record Books: Update 5/28/14

California Drought Reaches New Level of Severity Never Recorded on U.S. Drought Monitor in the State

By: By Chris Dolce
Published: January 31, 2014
California’s historic drought reached a new milestone Thursday when the newly released U.S. Drought Monitor showed that exceptional drought now covers 9 percent of the state.

Record dry expands drought in Flagstaff Arizona

In Phoenix, Even Cactuses Wilt in Clutches of Record Drought

God is Reopening The Record Books: Update 5/28/14

Record setting Hurricane:

Amanda became the strongest May eastern Pacific hurricane on record Sunday morning as peak winds approached that of a Category 5 hurricane.

Amanda’s maximum sustained winds increased to near 155 mph and its central pressure dropped to 932 millibars by 11 a.m. PDT Sunday, meaning Amanda was a very powerful Category 4 hurricane.

Amanda has weakened some from its peak strength, now a Category 3 storm, and continues to move slowly northward over the eastern Pacific.

Adolph from 2001 originally held the distinction of strongest May hurricane in the basin. At the peak of Adolph’s intensity, the central pressure bottomed out at 940 millibars and winds were nearly 145 mph.

Amanda is also the earliest Category 4 hurricane in the eastern Pacific, ahead of Hurricane Adolph in 2001, and the second earliest major eastern Pacific hurricane on record, behind Hurricane Bud in 2012.

Adolph reached Category 4 strength on May 28, 2001.

It is unusual, in terms of climatology, to have a minimal hurricane form in the eastern Pacific in May, let alone a strong Category 4 hurricane.

Maximum sustained winds within a Category 4 hurricane range from 130 to 156 mph. On average, it takes until June 26 for the first hurricane to form in the eastern Pacific. The first major hurricane of the season typically does not form in the eastern Pacific until July 19.

There has never been a Category 5 hurricane in the eastern Pacific during May.

No hurricanes in the Atlantic have reached Category 4 strength in May. Audrey, from late June 1957, holds the record for the Atlantic’s earliest Category 4 hurricane.

God is Reopening the Record Books 5/19/14: UPDATE

UK suffers wettest winter on record
Met Office announces rainfall of 486.8mm from 1 December to 19 February – the wettest winter in records dating to 1910

Press Association, Thursday 20 February 2014 12.41 EST

Record Balkan floods lead to Bosnia landslides
SARAJEVO (Bosnia): Landslides triggered by unprecedented rains in Bosnia have left hundreds of people homeless, officials said on Sunday, while thousands more have fled their homes in neighboring Croatia and Serbia as Balkan countries battle the region’s worst flooding since modern records began.

Another Fire and Ice Update 5/19/14

ESCONDIDO, Calif. (AP) — Drought-stricken California is preparing for its worst wildfire season ever, the state’s governor said Sunday.

Gov. Jerry Brown told ABC’s “This Week” that the nearly dozen wildfires that caused more than $20 million in damage mark only the beginning. The state has 5,000 firefighters and has appropriated $600 million to battling blazes, but that may not be enough in the future.

“We’re getting ready for the worst,” Brown said. “Now, we don’t want to anticipate before we know, but we need a full complement of firefighting capacity.”

He added that thousands of additional firefighters may be needed in the future, saying California is on the “front lines” of climate change that is making its weather hotter.

“And in the years to come, we’re going to have to make very expensive investments and adjust. And the people are going to have to be careful of how they live, how they build their homes and what kind of vegetation is allowed to grow around them.

Unusually high temperatures, low humidity and gusty winds set conditions last week for the string of wildfires that broke out in San Diego County.

“Normally, I don’t even put wildfire gear in my vehicle until the end of April. This year I never took it out,” Kirk Kushen, battalion chief of the Kern County Fire Department, said at a base camp in Escondido. “We never really completed the 2013 fire season. It’s been a continuation.”

At least 10 fires spanning 39 square miles chewed a destructive path through San Diego County, destroying 11 houses, an 18-unit apartment complex and two businesses. A badly burned body was found in a transient camp, and one firefighter suffered heat exhaustion.

The last of tens of thousands of evacuees returned home Saturday after firefighters scoured charred hillsides north of San Diego to guard against a resurgence of flames that ripped through the region.

The California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection has responded to more than 1,500 fires this year, compared with about 800 during an average year.

The first blaze in San Diego started Tuesday and was caused by a spark from construction equipment, according to state officials, but it could take months to get to the bottom of the most damaging fires. Alberto Serrato, 57, pleaded not guilty Friday to an arson charge in connection with one of the smaller fires, but authorities say they don’t believe he started it, just added brush to it.

In the Central California city of Modesto, a fire fueled by hot weather and high winds on Friday quickly spread to a row of town houses, destroying three of the structures and damaging six others. Authorities said the blaze started on the grassy berm of a freeway project frequented by homeless people.

Ocean breezes and lower temperatures over the weekend allowed firefighters to get the upper hand on a 4-square-mile blaze that started in the suburb of San Marcos and three fires at Camp Pendleton.

Firefighters doused remaining hotspots with hoses and water-filled backpacks, sawed large logs and raked soil with shovels and other hand tools to ensure the ground was moist enough to prevent fires from returning.

Kushen, who was working his 10th straight day and was nearly 27 hours into his shift as his team prepared to go rest at a hotel, saw between 15 and 20 destroyed houses or other structures while combing the hills in and around San Marcos for smoke and smoldering brush.

Smoke plumes rise behind the Marine Corps Camp Pendleton entrance Friday, May 16, 2014, in Oceanside …
San Marcos, a suburb of 85,000 people where strip malls and new housing tracts mix with older homes, slowly returned to normal as more roadblocks were removed.

“It’s such a wonderful blessing to be back,” Jamie Williams said as he unloaded three bags of clothing from his car that he took when ordered to evacuate Wednesday night. “It was almost a teary-eyed kind of thing.”

The state firefighting agency went to peak staffing in the first week of April, instead of its usual start in mid-May.

Battalion Chief Kevin Taylor of the Paso Robles Fire Department in central California usually doesn’t leave home until late July to assist other agencies during the fire season. He was dispatched to the Los Angeles area in January and led a crew that began work near San Diego on Thursday.

“There hasn’t been a break,” said Taylor, as he ate lunch under a tree amid orders to be ready to move on three minutes’ notice. “It’s almost a 12-month fire season.”

Marines move military vehicles near the entrance to Marine Corps Camp Pendleton in front of smoke pl …

Associated Press writer Julie Watson and videographer Haven Daley contributed to this report.